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If this fast moving world today we realise that many want info at there finger tips.

So we have created this app, that presently has 14 Football and 16 Racing Products on it.

And to say thanks for having a look, we have included the Triple H Horseracing Method FREE, also the app is FREE to download.

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(Football below)

16 Horse Products

& 14 Soccer Products

Triple H Horse Racing, this has sold for £69.97, today if you download the App Betting Bookshop, you get it for FREE.

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Beaumont Videos.

You can make Racing Pay, using Paul's Proven Method.


Requirements to make this system work for you

• You have the time and inclination to place on average 50 bets per day (can be up to 80+ on a Saturday)

• You are able to open multiple bookmaker accounts

• You are not tied to Betfair only, but you have access to it

• You have time to spare between 10:30 and 12:30 each day (you don’t tie up the full 2 hours)

• You have the ability to set aside a bank and the discipline to emotionally separate yourself from the money in it

• You are able to accept that even the most successful gambling has its ups and downs

• You are not broke and you don’t desperately need money (if you do, you should never gamble anyway)

• You have money, aside from the bank, available to use (not put at risk) in keeping bookmakers’ and Betfair accounts topped up. In my case this equates to about 4 times the actual bank (saves me having to top up frequently)

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Let me Summarise The System.

  • You will understand it in under 5 minutes.
  • It is a method where you Back Horses to win, so works on Bookies and Exchanges.
  • The rules are clear cut, easy to understand.
  • Level Staking, or Fibonacci staking plans.
  • Works on All UK Racing.
  • No Loss Chasing
  • If You cannot follow racing, this system is NOT for YOU.
  • This is Backing and NOT Laying
  • No need to have Bookie Accounts.
  • Only Betfair account is required but if you want to place bet on Bookies,it is up to you.
  • Every information related to BETTING GRENADE is available online
  • No Form, Track, Jockey, Trainer etc information needed
  • Work on only UK Horse Racing. Including Flat and Jumps both.
  • Plus a 12 minute video showing system in Us
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The system is structured that once a winner is struck for the day, that is it for us. So it is Stop At A Winner principle.

Using Bet Engine is not neccessary however if you do use this software you can load the selections, and forget about the selections as the software will place the bets and stop as soon as you hit the winner. Plus it will stake to your requirement either level or the progressive one. Plus all this can be done in a few minutes.

This is a backing the winner only method, so can be used on Betfair or with bookies, the choice is yours. Our results are all betfair SP less 5% commission.

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But it doesn't have to be that way!

In fact there are no less than 56 individual strategies covered,
with detailed screenshots for each method showing you exactly how
to do it. Nothing is left to chance.

Here are a couple of examples from the book:

One method shows you how to back a horse to win BUT if it looks
like it's about to lose you automatically get your stake back.


You lay a horse to lose but if it goes on to win you don't lose
anything at all and still make a profit.

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The Bookies think they've got the
betting game all stitched-up!


They still can't stop me 
taking money off them...


£2,149.17p in just
45-days to be precise!

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Why You Should Buy 
Michael's Place Lay Formula

It explains:
  • How to earn a consistant income every week with low risk, and excellent returns.

  • What to do, step-by-step, from the very first day.

  • How to set up seed money (your initial investment), and how to manage it from day one

    You never have to dip into any other funds to earn this income.

  • When to bet -- and when to stay home.

  • How to find the "best bets," consistently, in each race.

  • How to treat betting as a business.

    This Is Not Entertainment! It's a Business!

    One that will give you vast profits from the first day!

  • The work involved (yes, there is some of that), and how to manage it.

  • How, if you follow all the instructions and set this up as it is explained, you will make money using Michael's Place Lay Formula.

  • As I said before, this is not entertainment, it is a business. But it is much betterthan any JOB and higher paying, too. Oh yes, and did I mention (in some countries), TAX FREE!

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Here's Why...

It isn't necessary to use large amounts of money for this system to work. You can start with a small amount of money and work up to bets of this size once you feel comfortable doing so. In fact, this is recommended while you are learning the process. 

The best idea is to set aside a certain amount of money (known as a "bank"), and just use that while you are practising and learning what to do. As you get better and better, that bank will grow. Then, once you have a large bank, like Michael, you can simply use it to "invest" in your trades-- but never touch it otherwise. 

That is one aspect of The "Pro Betfair Trading" method that is so dynamic! Because this method will work with any size bank, small or large. It can start out as an income supplement, or your full-time income, like Michael. 

As the saying goes: "From tiny acorns, mighty oaks grow." This could be your acorn. Use it well and you will soon have that Oak (money tree) that you've always wanted. 

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If you are not sure what points are, then here is a quick explanation.

If you bet £10.00 a selection, then 1 point = £10 profit. So in the above headline, your £10 per bet would have made £1,898.20 profit (yes that is after Betfair's commission). If you were betting win only on the selections.

And another £627.50 if you were also betting the place also.

That is a grand total of £2,525.70 altogether.

OK, so that is profit (hard folding, for a holiday or such like.)

Another very important figure is the Return on Investment or (ROI), for the Win bet, it is 91.26% and on Place Bet 30.17% that is amazing returns.

What does the ROI mean?

This is the return on the money you bet, so at 91.26%, that is for every pound or euro we bet we get 91.26 pence or cents PROFIT.

So if we bet £10.00 per selection, the we get on average £9.12 profit, try getting that anywhere else!

Zen believes his method will out perform most that are out there.

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Thanks for dropping by, let me tell you what we are offering here at "Sandwich Lays " this is a how to e manual.


1.We strongly suggest that you lay these using liability staking, and if you are not sure what that is we have a write up on it in the welcome manual. In a nutshell "liability staking" is where you stake the amount you are prepared to lose, just like backing bet you put say £10 on a horse and in liability staking option that means if your bet is unsuccessful you will lose the £10.

2. In the three and half months we have been getting the selections, on a 5% liability of bank staking the Bank has grown from 100 points to well over 300That is a 2 fold increase, and on 8.5% liability to the bank, over 500, a 4 fold increase.

3.All you need is a Betfair account that you can lay the UK horses with, we show you how you can place all your bets in the morning and forget about them. You can use bots if you have them however it is not totally necessary.

4.You get access to a simple method that picks horses that have a very big chance of losing around 85% of the time.

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A trader is only successful if he is disciplined and bets only when he thinks he has maximum chance of winning in this bet… We think of a successful trader like a Lion who only attacks the animal when he has maximum chance of winning.

In Smart Racing Trader, we will tell when you have maximum chance of winning and when to enter the market. The manual will clearly have entry and exit rules.

Also Smart Racing Traders know betting will not make them rich overnight but a consistent source of income will start from betting once their bank will become a decent size.

Like any good financial planner, they reinvest their profits into the most profitable tool and enjoy the benefits.

In Smart Racing Trader, there will be some days when you have no bet on both systems and there will be some days when you have bets on both systems 1 &2.

If you can be disciplined and follow rules then you can also be a Smart Racing Trader.

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Racing Traders: - This book looks at scalping, swing trading, dutching, hedging, backing and laying at the right price, stop losses, how to get out of difficult positions by averaging etc. for both UK and Australian racing markets.
Tony shows you entry and exit points, how to read the markets and when a price is going to reverse and why and help you make sure you are getting in and out of the market at the right time.

Tony shows via videos exactly how to do trade on horses with live examples and detailed explanations of what he is doing and why. The manual shows you how he traded 61 winning races in a row and how an approach of winning small but very consistent amounts can add up to a second income or even become your main job should you choose to do so.


This manual has 13 video's showing what Tony teaches you in ACTION

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"Would you let a 5 year old teach you driving?
Or a poor man teach you how to invest?

Then why would you let anyone other 
than a Full Time Punter teach you,
HOW to Win On Betfair?"

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Do you know what happens to these so called herd horses are backed so heavily?

The rest of the fields odds drift out as this is the nature of the beast, on betfair the odds are close to 100%, so if horses short other must lengthen.



Remember when you first started following the horses? For some of you it maybe to far back to remember the feeling the winning horses brought you. I can guarantee that you will in most cases not have that feeling now.

OK, what can be done to turn the tables on the past?

Firstly, you can not do the same thing and expect a different result. So you need to look at what to do differently?

Question: Would you rather go for a week with only a few winners, but have a good profit at the end of 12 months?

YES or NO, now before you answer the horses are paying over £10.00 for the win, some over £100.

And also, these horses can be backed for the place, as they show healthy profit there also.

Look at the 12 months of results.

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Grab yourself a cuppa and make yourself comfortable!

What I'm about to reveal is going to really excite you and help make your betting account grow and grow, week after week, month after month. And I'm so confident I can prove this to you I'm prepared to give you the "Winning On Betfair For Dummies" book FREE just to say thank you for trying it!

Only a handful of lucky folk outside of our office know this formula exists, and are using it to their advantage even as you read.

You are about to learn details of a most exciting way of winning stress free profits which will both surprise and delight you...

I'll be upfront - what I'm about to tell you centres upon laying horses to LOSE, and yes I know you've heard it all before, but please bear with me on this one and accept this easy challenge…

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Your Guide to Hitting Long Runs

of Winners and Place Getters!

YES we KNOW National Hunts is not all year, however there are enough Jumps races to make good money.

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Football (Soccer)

14 different products for Football

Dear Patient Punter,

Before I go on to reveal this GENUINE and BRAND NEW project for laying football bets, which shows you how to make LAYING PAY THE WAY YOU'VE ALWAYS BELIEVED IT SHOULD BUT FOUND NEVER QUITE DID, there are TWO very important things you need to understand.

The first is that all the online junk marketing which says you can make money from gambling without effort and without needing to know what you're doing is, well... lies!

I'll get to the second thing in just a moment but before I do, let me ask you...

Wouldn't you like a nice tax free lump sum which builds quietly away in the background while you go about your everyday activities? A lump sum, moreover, built by following a simple procedure which works whether or not you presently believe it?

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Since 14th July 2012 its made +883 points profit betting across various leagues (some doing better than others).

The method has produced many winners at large odds such as: 38.0 (37/1), 37.0 (36/1), 36.0 (35/1), 30.0 (29/1), 28.0 (27/1), 27.0 (26/1), 23.0 (22/1)

It uses the correct score market (you know I love betting in this market) and has over a 50% strike rate (around 54-55% currently) - so no long huge losing runs. We bet on 5 scores per match.

Can be used all year round, and each league usually gives no more than one or two selections per week (some leagues may even go a few weeks without any selections).

The sites you need to use are totally FREE.

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Smart Soccer Trading Premier Package

Best Option

( 25 video's in total, 12 introduction, 7 Gold, 6 more )

  1. Any Unquoted Correct Score Strategy

  2. Any Unquoted Correct Score Strategy with safeguard.

  3. Under 2.5, and Correct Score markets

  4. Underdog leading at halftime

  5. Both Teams to Score & Correct Score

  6. First Goal 0-10 Minutes

This package is 1 hour 8 minutes of live trades.

Total run time of all 25 videos is 300 minutes (5 hours).

Premier – As pointed out above, Premier series will only talk about soccer strategies. 
Basic series lays the foundation for being a successful soccer trader and Gold & Premier series cement that foundation for you.

Purchasing the Premier Package gives you all 25 video's, so you will have all you need to venture into the world of Soccer Trading.

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Soccer Betting HQ has five Systems (strategies).

System 1:  We will use under 2.5 market to make 5-10% of stake in short span of 5-7 minutes. Very effective strategy.

System 2: It is lay the draw but with a twist.

System 3:  System 3 is sniper strategy.  This is again a low risk strategy and will give you exact to enter the Match Odds market.  Profit for single trade is estimated to be 5-10% of stake.

System 4: If match is going 0-0, then we will use system 4.

System 5:  We can’t lose except one score line. Very close to almost zero risk strategy.

Strike rate for the strategies is around 80-90% or even higher and can be easily be executable. 

As there are soccer matches around the year, there is no limit on the matches which can be played upon.

Yes, we use only Betfair so no Headache for opening any account with bookies or headache for transferring money to bookies account.

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Thanks for your time to check out Soccer Goals Syndrome.

As you are most likely aware, billions are wagered on the Football (Soccer) every weekend and week day 365 days of the year.

With SGS (Soccer Goals Syndrome), you can cash in for a small outlay and with the very simple rules, your can venture into leagues you know little about and cash in, often enough to keep you interested.

SGS is simple to use online or offline in the high st bookie, online bookie and most can be done on Betfair also.

Even if you know hardly anything about football, that does not matter, as we are only looking at prices, nothing technical there, honestly a 3 year old could do this after 2 years practice. No seriously it is very easy to do and very quick.

Read More Click Here

Detailed Step By Step Trading Strategies

Our Trading methods are also unique. We fix our liability before the start of the match and we only decrease and increase our profits as match starts.  Trading Soccer is very similar to driving a car...where you need to know when to accelerate (maximum profit) , when to decelerate ( minimum losses) or when to stop ( get out of trade)

Get that psyche out of your mind that Trading is tough and you can’t do it. I know it’s not that easy if you do it alone but with trading methods and selections, it is as easy as it can be. 

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How often do people stare at the closed door... not seeing the other new door that has opened?

Initially this was Betfair's problem getting people to the table.. but 11 years on and the tickle is now

as raging torrent. bring millions of £'s with it, and it really has turned betting on it's ear.

The old backem approach is now not the only game in town.

If you are still trying to bash the bookies... get real!

We are in a betting age that is changing fast, and you need to look at different doors in order to make money betting.

Click Here to Read more

Nice Money Earner Steve, but will it suit Me?

This strategy can be use in Soccer Leagues all around the world, and if you can inplay trade on it then you can certainly follow this strategy.

So if you work 9-5, then there are plenty of games you can trade.

No you don't have to watch the games on TV, you can follow it on the net.

I am in Australia can I follow the strategy?

Yes and No.. you can not bet inplay on sports in Australia on the net, but you can bet inplay over the phone, Betfair is very fast at actioning your phone bets.

What tools do I need?

You need a Betfair account to bet with, and if possible (not neccessary) Fairbot software (Costs around £70.00 for a year).

And we give you the web address of the sites that will make this Trading strategy work for you.

Read on Here

You can place your bets early even a day before if you want.

Minimum work required, we give you two web sites (free data) to look at and see if a game qualifies.

Place your bets with bookies or betting exchanges.

Will you win every week?

No you will not, however there were 9 winning months in 2011-2012.

Yes we have won 1000/1 in a game and 900/1 last season.

If you are a small betting person, this will suit you.

We use level staking only..

Look at these returns.

£2 stakes = £9,200
£5 stakes = £23,000
£10 stakes = £46,000
£25 stakes = £115,000

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Sports Trader: -   This book covers the A-Z of what to do to replicate how Tony does his business. It looks at his research, strategy, risk management, discipline, psychology, handling losses and also covers all types of strategies which he uses in football, cricket, tennis and most major sporting markets. It shows you how to analysis events, make your own process before comparing them to the market, finding value and how to take advantage of it. It looks at the mindset required to succeed and how to sometimes go against the herd to take advantage of that herd mentality that leads to losses.

This manual has 12 video's showing what Tony teaches you in ACTION.

Click Here To Learn More

Strategy Guide

The Strategies Tony uses to succeed

This book looks at the strategies use to succeed trading sports on Betfair.

15 strategies for use on Football, Cricket, Racing (both horse and hound), Tennis, Motor Racing & Rugby.

Hear is what Tony has to say on his new Book.

I am often asked to provide information on all the “systems” I use. The fact is I don’t use any.

Click Here To Learn More

It does not require much time to make this sheet for your games. It depends on how many leagues you want to follow. I bet on only on top leagues for English, France, Spain, Scotland, Germany, Italy   and accordingly maintain this sheet.

To give a view of profit I made in last four weeks using Match Odds market – Since 6th Dec’13 , I bet only on 71 games and out of 71 games,  I won in 47 games 

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you will get "Triple H Horseracing" absolutely FREE

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If you don't accept this offer where will you be with your punting in a month from now?

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