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If you are a Straight Lay Bettor,



This software is dead easy to use and gets order back into your BETTING.

See most people don't make poor selections, they fail because they have no PLAN.

The old saying " Failing To Plan, is Planning To FAIL"

This Lay Cover Staking, is for lay betting, whether it is horses, dogs,

football or sports that offer odds up to around 8.00 (7/1).

These are the odds that in most cases will give you the strike rate to make the software a powerful earner.


What is the Punter's (Bettors) worst enemy?

Money management, that is what stakes to use when betting (Lay). This is what lets most punters down.

Generally time and energy goes into get the horse, dog, team, whatever sorted out.

Then when it comes to putting the money down, everything goes to pieces.

Human emotions, panic, fear, doubt and insecurity. These are the forces at work.

A staking software brings calm and a business approach to the betting.

Plus you can have different profiles, for dogs, for horses, for football, so you now have order.

A business like approach to your Lay betting.


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"A Sure Fire Method That Takes Advantage
Of The Bookies Competing For Business.
They Left Door's Jammed Open And I've
Mastered What Can Only Be Described As
A Guaranteed Loophole That They Cannot Fix!"


Risk little.. to Profit Continuially!

You Place You Bets Before Racing Starts!

And You Win.


Because of recent Event the Bookies have had to Make..

And Now You can Get the EDGE! And Only when you Get The Edge do You Bet.

Is it HARD?

No.. and there is NO Room For You to Make A Mistake! It is That SIMPLE.


'No, it is not necessary. However having one can help improve the long term profitability of the system'.

Do I Need A Bookies Account?

YES you Do, All UK Based, so if you can open UK Bookies accounts then you can Use this Strategy.


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How easy is it to use?

Step 1. Turn the computer on. (Will not work on Apple products.)

Step 2. Grab a coffee. (Give time for the computer to load.)

Step 3. Open Racing Profit Booster, and set the settings you want (30 seconds done.)

Step 4. Watch the results the software gives you, open your Betfair account.

Step 5. Open your bookie accounts, and start making profitable trades.

Step 6. Software updates every 3 and half minutes, and new trades will appear.

Step 7. Have a break, you need to get another coffee and food.. yes it can become addictive.

Step 8. Find time to spend the profits.

We are sure you can do that, easy uncomplicated, profitable.

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What, then, is MARIA-5?

It is a program that does the necessary calculations based on an incredibly successful staking strategy revealed to the betting world by Maria Santonix back in 2005, or thereabouts.

She actually turned £3000 into £100,000 in only 303 days in real-time.

Her staking principles were so effective they are used in a lot of betting strategies and software for staking.

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